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  • Tamara Cavenett

Time to ditch the snooze button

Time to ditch the snooze button?

Are you always tired and unmotivated in the morning? Always hitting the snooze button? Are you disappointed in yourself that you can’t keep your commitment to wake up early? Want to learn techniques that will teach you to wake up early so that you can achieve more during the day?

Waking up early can give you the boost to complete more each day. It’s a simple habit with big payoffs for your mood- but modifying sleep patterns is surprisingly hard.

I struggled with my alarm most of my life, that is until I learnt a few techniques to wake up early, more motivated, and surprisingly with more energy. You can underestimate the impact of this small change on your mood.

A simple change that can help you to develop a healthy exercise routine, get more done in a day or have more time for the important things in life.

Many people struggle with this for so long because they use the wrong approach; they try sheer determination and willpower…. “From tomorrow I’m definitely going to wake up on time!”… Only to wake that morning and sleepily hit that snooze button.

You need a new approach, to consistently wake up early. A few simple techniques to rewire your brain so that waking up can feel easy. No more pain, grogginess or forcing yourself, instead waking up naturally with energy.

A psychologist with expertise in sleep psychology can help walk you through all the tips and techniques. With the right training, you can definitely do it.

More details on this approach to come in our next blog post.

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