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  • Tamara Cavenett

Make your dreams come true! How to stop putting it off?

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Make your dreams come true! How to stop putting it off?

Do you find yourself always saying “I’ll start tomorrow”? Are you always putting things off?

The real problem with procrastination is not all the little things you put off, not at all. The real problem is that big thing you’ve been putting off. It’s the thing that if you did, it would create the most change in your life.

Just imagine if you had stopped putting it off… imagine all the areas of your life that might change… just imagine how different your life would be.

So why haven’t you started? This is probably the hardest question and you’re mind is probably giving you a litany of excuses. Mine did too. I’d spent years working with people on changing habits and setting goals and never knew just how important an honest assessment of the answer to this was. So sit down and really think about it. What has been holding you back???

  1. Identify what’s holding you back. What has stopped you until now? Perhaps it’s not enough time, maybe its money, or it’s not having support from friends and family. Sometimes it’s just plain self-doubt and a lack of confidence that you could achieve it.

  2. Don’t underestimate planning. Who do you need around you? Who’s already achieved this dream? Do you know how they did it? What help do you need? What prep needs to be done to make sure you’ve got the greatest chance of starting?

  3. Imagine it. Research consistently shows imagery increases your odds of completing an action. Sports stars spend hours doing this. Can you see yourself doing the first step? Visualise it like you're watching a movie of yourself, get detailed. Don’t forget to also imagine having achieved your goal throughout the day.

  4. Forget willpower. It fluctuates through the day and it’s often when willpower is at its lowest you lose site of the dream. Rest on habits.

  5. Get inspired. Use movies, books, Instagram, inspirational stories, mentors, quotes. Whatever you need to keep you focused when you lose momentum.

Start now! Stop putting it off and get your dream.

Want help with how to get that goal or change a habit, contact us?

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