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Telephone, video appointments and COVID Procedures

Please note: Masks (can be surgical or cloth) are to be worn by psychologists, clients, client’s family members, administrative staff, contractors and cleaning staff in the reception area and hallways of the hospital.

The are also now mandatory in the clinic room- therefore if you would prefer video or phone appointments please let us know

Exceptions are outlined below.

I am 100% committed to continuing your care and helping you reach your goals. I have spoken extensively with the doctors and hospital staff regarding my procedures so that you may feel comfortable to continue sessions.


At this time I do not find it necessary to work exclusively online or to cancel appointments (unless not well, at risk, or have been potentially exposed).

Take a good care of yourself. 


Q1 Are masks required?

Masks are to be worn by psychologists, clients, client’s family members, administrative staff, contractors and cleaning staff in the reception/waiting area and hallways. And now also in the consult room. If you would be so kind as to bring a mask with you that would be appreciated.


The SA Government has confirmed reusable cloth masks can now be worn in health care settings.

There are exceptions to wearing a mask. These include:

  • where wearing a mask will hinder the provision of the relevant care and/or impact patient or client safety

  • certain breathing difficulties

  • mental health conditions

  • communication with deaf or hard or hearing community members

  • people under the age of 12

At the beginning of the consultation Tamara will review with you whether the masks will hinder the provision of relevant care during the session and of course if you meet any of the above criteria you are exempt. 

Q2 Are you feeling unwell?

Please err on the side of caution if you have any cold or flu symptom or you have been in contact with anyone unwell with any cold or flu symptom or anyone recently returning from overseas, interstate or a close contact or casual contact of a positive case.

With COVID-19’s presence in our city, we request that you do not attend your psychology sessions in person if you experiencing either:  fever (temperature of over 37.5C), or acute respiratory infection (e.g. shortness of breath, cough, sore throat) with or without fever. This also applies if you have traveled to a high-risk area for transmission of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or if you have been in close contact with someone confirmed positive or currently being evaluated for COVID-19.

Tamara will also err on the side of caution and cancel all appointments at any point should she display even the slightest cold or flu symptom.

Q3 What can you do to assist us?

For those of you who will continue to attend your sessions in person:

  • Please wash your hands with soap in the bathroom (paper towels will be provided) as soon as you arrive or make use of our available hand sanitiser (or your own), this will be posted at my reception desk and also the side table of the consult chair.

  • Please cough or sneeze into your elbow

  • Please note: the bathroom is cleaned not less than daily to the highest hospital standards by professional staff.

  • Please feel free to wear a face mask.

Q4 What are we doing to protect you?

If you would prefer not to wait in the waiting room, simply phone reception to advise them you are here; you are welcome to wait in your car and we will send you a SMS when we are available.

You will not be required to touch any surfaces or doors (as these are automatic and Tamara opens/closes her own).

We are taking the following precautions:

  • Applying social distance recommendations with consult chairs placed 1.8m away from each other

  • Providing telepsychology options for all (and rebates where allowable)

  • Wiping with disinfectant the surfaces which you are likely to touch (including the EFTPOS machine) in between each use with hospital grade disinfectant;

  • Providing water in disposable plastic cups

  • Opening an internal door to let fresh air between each session and keeping it open whenever possible;

  • Hospital grade cleaning practices and procedures of the highest level

  • All staff engaging in regular hand washing

  • Disinfecting Tamara's consult chairs in between each and every use

Q5 Are phone/video appointments available?

Please know Absolutely all clients are welcome to video/phone consultations.


Rebates are available in all of the usual circumstances where one applied for face to face.


Patients whose sessions are paid by a third party (WorkCover, DVA, Private health, NDIS etc.) are also eligible for telephone and video consultations.

If you would like telephone/video sessions simply reply by SMS or phone the office on 08 8269 8188



Q6 Are video sessions effective?

Research shows that it is just as effective as face-to-face counseling, and client outcomes are identical to those for conventional therapy.

Q7 Will I be charged a cancellation fee if unwell?

Cancellation fees for being unwell will continue to be charged with less than 24hrs notice. However, fees will be waived on a case by case basis to support our measures, safety of clients and staff is paramount; however it is expected that a telephone or video session will occur in its place, at the same time if you've cancelled with less than 24hrs notice to avoid the fee.


Tamara has always had a significant wait list for appointments, please we ask you give consideration to those who are waiting, and will be left waiting for some time, when they could otherwise have been seen. Therefore, please give as much notice as possible (ideally not less than 48hrs) so we may offer sessions to those waiting.


This is an anxious time for many and we want to be available to as many as possible.

Q8 Temperature checking and sign in at the hospital entrance

As an added protection the hospital has a sign in procedure and QR code (and also at times a temperature check) on arrival. Your assistance with this process is most appreciated.


It allows for contact tracing and to protect staff, clients and hospital patients.

Tamara will also have a QR code on her door if you could please check in as an additional contact tracing measure that would be appreciated.






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